Eye Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Introducing eye bank

Eye Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a non-profit institution in 1367 under registration number 3597 with the aim of conducting necessary research and training in order to expand corneal and scleral transplants, obtaining and preserving eye tissues from cadaver donors in order to perform corneal and scleral transplants, also aware Making the people towards the high human and therapeutic values of transplantation and encouraging to donate their cornea after death was formed. Eye Bank has always tried to cooperate with the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and other legal institutions to meet the needs of patients in need of corneal or scleral transplants across the country. Among the other activities of the eye bank is the setting up and equipping of eye pathology departments (eye pathology and corneal confocal scanning) for the timely diagnosis and management of various eye diseases. Also, the printing and distribution of Bina Ophthalmology magazine, as the only authentic Persian-language ophthalmology magazine in the country, which has a scientific-research rating from the Medical Sciences Publications Commission of the Ministry of Health, is another activity of Eye Bank.

The members of Cheshm Bank are the founding board, the board of trustees, the board of directors and auditors. The board of trustees is made up of real and legal persons, consisting of the representative of the jurist, the head of the forensic medicine organization, the vice president of education and the vice president of treatment of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, and legal persons who have opinions in the field of Cheshm Bank's activities. The members of the board of directors are elected by the board of trustees for a period of two years and are obliged to perform their duties. The CEO is the highest executive officer in Cheshm Bank, who is chosen from among the members of the board of directors and approved by the board of trustees. The CEO is usually a cornea specialist. The managing director and members of the board of directors serve on an honorary basis and do not receive any money, while Cheshm Bank does not have a government budget and provides its expenses from the distribution point of connective tissues. The establishment of Eye Bank is considered one of the important achievements after the Islamic Revolution, which has stopped the sending of patients abroad, which had numerous cultural consequences in addition to financial costs.

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The Central Eye Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, along with all its other activities and services, has not given up on any effort to transfer the knowledge and experiences of ophthalmology professors to the scientific community of the country, especially ophthalmologists, ophthalmology assistants, medical students and optometrists. Many valuable books in the field of ophthalmology (the list of which will follow) have been written by the efforts of professors in this field and published with the efforts of the Central Eye Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is possible to send the mentioned books all over the country. If you want to buy, you can do it online or by phone, so that after registering the purchase order, it will be sent to you as soon as possible.